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The concept for GILLSAWS was born after being gifted a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle, of the state of California,
on my return from a 6 month solo stateside odyssey. 

Inspired to create a contemporary collection of jigsaws, and after several unsuccessful attempts to gain help from the few remaining UK jigsaw manufacturers, I decided to produce the puzzles myself. 

GILLSAWS will collaborate with creatives to produce exclusive limited editions. Allowing new and established talent to showcase their work in a completely different medium. And with a psychedelic / surreal / optical aesthetic, I hope to give new life to a much loved classic product.  

Each puzzle is handcrafted in a small studio in Brighton, using an industrial roller press, a custom made die
and a whole lot of love.

For this reason each one, in a sense, is unique, reproduction may vary slightly and minor imperfections
may occur.